One truth I’ve learned over time. There’s always something that you can do, tweak, try, and/or improve.

100% Useful Infobytes

So when we feel like we’ve done “everything” to make our business or blog successful, chances are, we haven’t. There’s always something we forgot, didn’t know about, didn’t think of or is new to try.

Part of staying in business is to have sales. Sales come from current and new customers but all customers start as a lead. That’s why it is essential for us to always be accumulating fresh leads in addition to making existing customers happy.

This post on Unbounce contains 38 items to check off to optimize your blog for lead generation is a great place to start. I particularly love what the author says here,

To gain more business with your blog, you should stop thinking like a salesman and start acting like your reader’s mentor. Be insanely helpful.

Read it, do it. It’ll keep us all busy for a while and on the road to better sales later.