That’s funny, as soon as I wrote the title of this post I knew some people would answer YES! No, I’m not referring to a gold tooth but a saying I’d heard countless times when I was a kid.

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In those days, when the elders would ask us kids if we wanted something – more food, where to go or to weigh in, some of us (moi), would remain quiet. They literally had to pry it out of me. That’s when they’d say – in Cantonese – why didn’t you just say so? Do you have gold in your mouth?

What they implied was, you aren’t storing anything valuable like gold in there so there’s no worry of losing it if you opened your mouth. Speak up already!

However, what is verbalized once you open your mouth could be valuable.

This post by Michael Hyatt on Why Wait for Permission? Just Go! reminded me a lot of those times in my childhood. An excellent read.