My learning library is overflowing with videos, audios, audiobooks and more. The need to consume knowledge is real but who has time to sit around to watch and listen?

It’s no secret. I leverage my workout time to gain back hours of my day. I’m still doing it. This is how I consume Coach Glue’s Sticky Passive Income course. It’s worked very well. What has not worked out well, is the hardware.

You see, I have wired headsets. If you’ve ever done this yourself, you know it’s super easy to catch your hand on the cord while you’re walking or running. Thankfully I have not broken the iPad nor hurt myself all this time.

I’ve been looking for the perfect wireless headset for a long time but they are either too expensive or just not very good. The answer came to me one day not in the form of a headset (surprise!) but a dongle, by NoiseHush.

This device is a tiny thing – see picture below.

NoiseHush Clip-on Bluetooth

It is bluetooth. That means, I first have to set it up to connect to the iPad. You can also connect to the iPhone, or Android device. Once connected, plug in your favorite headset into NoiseHush Clip-on Bluetooth. Clip the dongle onto your shirt, pants – wherever and listen. That’s it.

No more being tethered to your mobile device. I absolutely love this thing! It charged up quickly so I could use it the day it was delivered. It also connected to the iPad without issues and I was listening to audios and watching those videos in 2 minutes.

What is even better, I paired with the iMac. Now, I can also watch shows or attend a webinar without being hooked up my computer. Years ago, I had a logitech wireless headset that died on me and I’ve missed it a lot. Now, with NoiseHush Clip-on Bluetooth, I don’t even have to buy another USB headset that will only work for the computer.

Oh yeah, because NoiseHush Clip-on Bluetooth is created to be used with a phone, it has a microphone. I tested it on Skype and sure enough it works great. However, the audio quality sounds like a telephone – no surprise there. I’m not concerned with that because when I do want to sit down for a serious recording, I have a better mic. Otherwise, this is a great little device that replaces a lot of other devices. Got it at a nice price too.

One more thing – it’s amazing there’s more – with an inexpensive cable, you can attach it to a set of speakers, your line in to an older stereo. Next, tune into on your tablet or phone’s play list and voila! You’re streaming your playlist wirelessly in your office or home. No need for other fancy, bulky gadgets.

I’m really looking forward to doing more with it – like listening and learning while cooking in the kitchen. How’s that for productivity? Highly recommended. Get it!