It isn’t uncommon for you to hear me say I’m no good at design. While I don’t think I’m artistic, I do enjoy beautiful artwork. I enjoy drawing and doodling, particularly text-based art or letter art like signage.

Dont Complain LetteringHere’s one I made last weekend. It’s far from good. I messed up on the work “willing” by using the wrong pen, the spacing probably could be better and it’s unfinished. Oh and forgive the image. Apparently I’m not a photographer either.

Be that as it may, it gives me an outlet outside of code, it clears, refreshes, and relaxes my mind. I’ve even turned some of them into cards that I’ve snail-mailed out.

Lately, I’ve been trying to do more and more sketchnoting. Some call it visual note taking or graphic/visual recording.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s basically taking notes aided by visual doodles. In my visual notes, I tend to gravitate more towards lettering (you should see my Pinterest board). So I was quite pleased when I stumbled upon this video by Mike Rohde on drawing type. If’ve you’re into that sort of thing, take a peak at this video.

Want to learn why you should doodle or sketch note? Here’s a video by Sunni Brown (who wrote the book on The Doodle Revolution)

Finally…what has this got to do with business?

I wondered the same. At first, it was just something for me to do so I don’t end up working when I should be resting. Then, became a fun way to take notes of all the webinars and seminars that my brain can process quickly.

After that, I realized I could make these cool quotes and put it up on social networks with my branding on it. After all, don’t images get shared more often?

Finally… I’m not sure how well I can do this… but it occurred to me I can ditch the Powerpoint and use this method to create videos and even slides for Slideshare to talk about a topic related to my business and hence do video marketing. I’m sure you can think of more.