6 Free Tools For Building An App For Your BusinessFor a long time, I thought creating apps for a business that is already online was a waste of time.

Every smart phone has a web browser.

Why would someone download and install an app to receive content that is already available on a website?

One day, after downloading and registering to use an app, guess what I discovered?

Yep! I could’ve visited their website to receive the same thing. Then it hit me…

I wouldn’t have discovered this website if it weren’t for the app.

Furthermore – did you get that part – I registered to use the app. That means I’m on their list. I eagerly did that on the app – something I’m not sure I’d do as readily on the website. Powerful stuff.

Whatever reasons you may have for creating an app, here are 6 tools you can get started for free.


This is the tool I use to create our BlogEnergizer app. It’s not as visual as the other tools you may find, and it has a pretty big learning curve. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who wants to click a few things and have an app to show in 1-2 hours. However, if you have an interest in creating apps, and perhaps build on that knowledge to create bigger things – BuzzTouch is a great starting point. It’ll teach you quite a bit about coding your own native apps.


At time of writing, it is 100% free. Simple editor, pretty easy to understand and use. You can add different types of modules or pages as they call it. Some pages are not complete, but you have the option to crowd fund it. What I find interesting is the crowd pics app that you can let others upload photos into the app. I imagine this would be a fantastic option app for conference hosts, event hosts, festivals etc. Worth exploring.


This is a very interesting tool with lots of options for you to build all kinds of apps including games, quizzes, books. 100% free but you can only publish to Android. For some businesses and some locales, this is not an issue so AppsGeyser will work just fine for you. Definitely check this one out.

Mippin App Factory

This is also free. It builds simple content based apps. You can hook up your RSS feed, YouTube account, Facebook Fan Page, or Flickr account. Might not have as many bells and whistles and comes with fewer options, they might be sufficient for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. For example, the Flickr and Facebook page options alone might be enough for a freelance photographer.

Appy Pie

Not completely free, but it has a free plan. Very simple and easy to use. Free plan only publishes to Android and contains ads as well as Appy Pie’s branding. To publish your app to iOS devices, you’ll need to upgrade to their gold plan.

Interact With

This isn’t exactly an app builder but it allows you to communicate, share documents, chat, create and share todos with your clients through their app. I imagine this would be something pretty nifty to explore for service providers like contractors, personal trainers or even for online-based coaches. There is a free plan that has many options for you to start with and if you need more, it’s $25 a month.

And there you go! Remember. Just like everything else, just because you build it doesn’t mean they’ll come. So if you spend your resources on building an app, make sure you also plan for the right resources to promote it well and work it into your overall marketing plan.