100% Useful InfobytesI love the whole topic of branding (did you know we have a sister site named Small Business Branding?). Having worked in the advertising industry where we serviced clients who demand consistency of their brand representation down to the littlest minutiae like color codes, it’s ingrained in my brain to take branding seriously.

For us small, micro businesses it’s not always that easy. Besides, most of us aren’t designers to begin with. Neither am I.

That’s why I love Canva. It’s a free online graphics editor. From time to time, they will create mini graphics and design tutorials that only take 10 minutes for you to work through.

I love that they adopt the learn and do method so you can practice right there using their system. This is truly the best way to learn in my opinion.

No, we’re not trying to be the CEO, the janitor and everything in between. However, understanding some basic concepts of consistent branding and design can help you better spot great design work. Take Canva’s 5 step tutorial.