When talking to bloggers who have some interest of earning some income from their blogs, one the of major things they struggle with is selling.

WHAT? Did you say Selling? Of all horrors. Bloggers don’t sell. That’s slimy. Unethical – ick! I’m not one of those. That doesn’t apply. I don’t sell.

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Or do you?

Listen. We ALL sell.

  • We sell our kids the idea of finishing their broccoli (okay, sometimes we resort to threats but that’s a whole other story)
  • We sell our spouses on the vacation to Europe we’ve been dreaming of
  • We sell our boss (if we still have one) on our project idea
  • We sell to ourselves when we are trying to decide whether to buy that dress
  • We sell to our best friends on going to the party

Sell is not a four letter word. As bloggers, we need to look at it as our friend. Because it is. It is crucial to beginning to see profits on your blog and crucial to retain and grow those profits.

So what separates you from a slimy, smooth talking sales person?

It’s all in the how.

The end goal of selling on your blog is to convert your visitors. Not necessarily to buy all the time but for them to do something you desire them to do. There are many blog posts on conversion but this one, How To Write A Blog Post That Converts: 5 Tips for Success at WPLift had some interesting thoughts that I liked.

Such as #2. I’ve never quite thought of it that way but it’s true. What do people mean when they say “Quality Content” and why you should ditch quality.

And #3 which I whole heartedly agree. Not 100% sure I’m on board with #5 because you shouldn’t just rely solely on organic traffic. That’s part of the reason why you should always be building your list and if you have a list you can bring your own traffic. Still, the post has some solid tips. Go check it out.