Have you ever received a truly amazing business card? Something that is so far out of the ordinary you keep it for ages?

100% Useful Infobytes

I only recall receiving one such card and it was a mini CD. It had the contact name of the person and a full presentation inside of what they do and how they can help. That doesn’t sound so amazing now but you have to keep in mind, I received that at the turn of the century (yes, 2000) so it was pretty neat then.

Poking around my feed today I saw this post with 50 truly memorable business cards. I know a number of people attending live events this year and the near future so hopefully this will give you something to chew on when you create your card.

I especially love the pocket wrench (Broke Bike Alley) and the Legos. It must be such fun to be able to give out such cards working for them.

P/S: I use Moo Mini cards. While they aren’t as memorable as these, but I always get some great reaction out of it because of the size. Also, because you can individualize each card (100 different cards in a box of 100) or create batches of different designs in a box. I always ask people to choose the one they like or relate to the most. Each card design I have is made for slightly different audience. It’s always so much fun. Check out Moo. They have tons of ideas you can steal from too. You’ll LOVE them.